Construction Management in East Sussex Supporting the Customer and our Professional Building Contractors

D&P Bespoke Builds is a specialist in construction management. You may have also heard of this side of the trade as project management. Covering locations across East Sussex as building contractors and sustainable home builders, we are passionate about our work and the way we manage it. With our passive house service and low energy buildings, we will be with you every step of the way to provide a finished project that we manage well from the conceptual phase.

The key to any successful project in East Sussex is great customer and client communication. Even if you only have the bones of an idea and need us to bring the job to life, D&P Bespoke Builds will collaborate with you at a professional level to establish your needs, requirements and objectives.

Construction management covers:

  • Building contractors, sustainable home builders and project managers with the experience needed to work to your concept

  • Office administrators who liaise with professionals and suppliers so that the project gets off to a smooth and successful start

  • Financial input from qualified professionals about timescales, budgets, payment schedules, invoices and all monetary queries

  • A complete team with site managers who turn your creative ideas into finished new builds which fulfil their original purposes

Irrespective of the job type, be it one that involves passive house construction or the erection of one of our low energy buildings, we have East Sussex covered with what we believe to be the complete construction management service.

The Benefits of Construction Management

The construction manager is your sole point of contact for decision-based liaisons that benefit a project. It is this person who controls the activities of our building contractors and sustainable home builders, but other responsibilities include timescale and cost management, Construction management from D&P Bespoke Builds also covers competitive bidding so that all resources needed for the project come in at exactly the right price.

And, just like our contractors are engaged in the job from the moment they arrive onsite, so it is that our project managers interact with you and the tradespeople deployed so that we, as a company, fulfil constructability, cost, schedule, material selection and value engineering requirements.

Packages for passive houses and low energy buildings will require more construction management than, say, the design and erection of garden buildings in East Sussex. Whichever way you choose to use us, D&P Bespoke Builds will have your every need covered so that when we come to the final handover, you will be nothing less than delighted with our workmanship and our job management.

Call our sustainable home and passive house builders on 01424 617197. We are construction management specialists for the East Sussex area.

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