Sustainable Home Builders in Hastings Eco-Friendly Services for Homes, Extensions and Passive Houses

When searching for reputable builders, it can be hard to differentiate between companies. Quite often, one set of building contractors blurs into another, with each touting a quality service and reliable workmanship. However, at D&P Bespoke Builds in Hastings, we strive to be different, providing a personable service with a scope to rival the larger contractors. We are also sustainable home builders, focusing on an eco-friendly approach to construction.

We supply a fully bespoke construction management service based on your requirements. Some projects we work on include:

  • Extensions

  • Loft Conversions

  • Low Energy Buildings

  • New builds

  • Passive House Construction

As a proactive team of eco house builders, we take on all manner of domestic and commercial projects, providing custom spaces that range from garden offices to new homes.

Reliable and Considerate Services

Our building contractors in the Hastings area hold CSCS cards, are members of the FMB and come with NVQ certification. These serve as assurances that we complete all developments to an exacting standard, supplying thoughtful homes that meet modern lifestyle needs. We manage your project from start to completion and operate a hazard-free environment for the security of all concerned. Our house builders work flexibly to accommodate individual needs and coordinate all tasks to ensure a safe and successful development process.

A further aspect that sets us apart is our status as sustainable home builders. Unlike other companies, our projects maintain a strong focus on the surrounding environment, and we strive to minimise our carbon footprint by providing thoughtful design and build services. We also use responsibly sourced wood for domestic and commercial carpentry and incorporate various environmentally friendly materials and features into eco builds, low energy buildings and passive houses.

When you contact our eco house builders and extension builders for services in the Hastings area, we use construction management to assess the feasibility of extensions, loft conversions, new builds, garden offices or outbuildings, advising on the best option for you. We then work in a way that makes the most of available space, using quality materials for premium results.

A More Efficient Use of Existing Space

At D&P Bespoke Builds, we strive to make the most of your space, whether carrying out a loft conversion, house extension or other projects such as low energy buildings. Working closely with you, our building contractors determine exactly what space you need and the best way to achieve this. For example, if you require a more private space, we can construct bespoke outbuildings or loft conversions that minimise noise.

A summer house, garden office or other outbuilding offers comfortable and practical space without impacting the main property. Our sustainable home builders recommend garden buildings to homeowners in Hastings who desire a quiet atmosphere but cherish their modern comforts.

Alternatively, if you’re after more living space, such as a larger kitchen or social area, or an extra bedroom or bathroom, our extension builders utilise underused land by constructing a quality extension. We make sure to create a seamless transition between spaces to maximise light and function.

Furthermore, it may be that your home already contains the space you require, such as a disused loft full of items and empty boxes. With loft conversions, our eco and passive house builders transform these dark spaces into high-quality rooms with rooflight windows and additional headroom as needed. In addition, as highly skilled carpenters, we can also maximise existing spaces through various domestic and commercial carpentry services.

Construction management is at the heart of everything we do.

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