Building Contractors and Sustainable Home Builders in Rye Homes for the Future

With the growing environmental crises, sustainable construction continues to grow in popularity. But what do eco-friendly passive houses and low energy buildings look like? Our sustainable home builders explain some of the key features of eco homes, garden offices, loft conversions and other structures, as well as domestic and commercial carpentry. With a passion for construction management, our building contractors work with clients in Hastings, Rye and the surrounding areas to make every new home and outbuilding as eco-friendly as possible, keeping the surrounding environment in mind.

From prefab garden rooms to new homes that incorporate a range of sustainable materials, methods and features, our eco house builders help create future-proof structures.

The following are some of the main aspects of eco builds from the house and extension builders at D&P Bespoke Builds:

Sustainable Materials

Using sustainable materials is an effective way to reduce the environmental impact of construction. It also helps to use local materials where possible, reducing the need for transportation.

There are many sustainable options available for new homes and low energy buildings in Rye, which our eco house builders can advise on, such as:

  • Natural or reclaimed roof materials, including slate, clay tiles and green roofing

  • Wool or wood fibre insulation

  • Responsibly sourced timber, such as FDC or PEFC-marked timber

  • Reclaimed bricks

  • Recycled aggregates

  • Wood, stone or reclaimed flooring

Our sustainable home builders and passive house builders always source the most suitable materials for your project to create a high-quality bespoke home or garden office built with the environment in mind. Whether undertaking loft conversions, extensions, commercial carpentry, new builds or outbuildings, we supply eco-friendly materials wherever possible and support the job with a full construction management service.

Renewable Energy

Solar panels are ideal for low energy buildings and main houses in Rye. As well as benefiting the environment by utilising natural and renewable energy, solar power also helps save you money by reducing the cost of electricity bills. Our building contractors provide professional solar panel installations for all kinds of structures, helping you make the most of natural resources.

Prefab Buildings

At D&P Bespoke Builds, we specialise in prefab garden offices and outbuildings, and we plan to provide prefab homes in the future. Prefabricated structures are more eco-friendly than traditional construction methods because we spend less time transporting materials or travelling to and from site. Prefab buildings also offer more energy-efficient construction.

Natural Light

When constructing modern homes in the Rye area, our passive house builders try to make the most of natural light. One way we do this is by creating open spaces that allow light to penetrate further into the house. Our extension builders also incorporate rooflights into extensions and loft conversions. Maximising natural light has environmental benefits such as reducing the need for electric lighting and heating, as well as health benefits.


Our building contractors ensure passive houses and garden buildings have plenty of insulation, making them more energy-efficient and comfortable. In addition, using sustainable insulation such as wool or wood fibre makes your Rye build even more eco-friendly. Our sustainable home builders can even incorporate insulation into prefab garden offices and buildings, reducing on-site build time.

Windows and doors also contribute to insulation, so it is important to choose high-quality double or triple glazed options. As experts in domestic and commercial carpentry and in construction management, we ensure windows and doors are properly installed to maximise insulation and prevent draughts.

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